Jun 2022
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Massachusetts Cannabis Businesses Types


·      MTCs (Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers)

·      Marijuana Cultivators

·      Craft Marijuana Cooperatives

·      Marijuana Product Manufacturers

·      Marijuana Microbusinesses

·      Marijuana Retailers

·      ITLs

·      Delivery-Only Licensee

·      Social Consumption Establishment.

Why is it important?

It's important to know what types of cannabis business licenses are available in Massachusetts so that you know the correct terminology given that each state names their business types slightly differently, and so that you can select which type(s) of cannabis business licenses(s) you want to apply for.

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Regulatory Citations for This Article

935 CMR 500.000: Adult Use of Marijuana

Definition of License Types

Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MTC) A Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, commonly referred to as an MTC, is an entity licensed under the medical regulations. An MTC acquires, cultivates, possesses, processes, transports, sells, distributes, delivers, dispenses, or administers marijuana, products containing cannabis or marijuana, related supplies, or educational materials to registered qualifying patients or their personal caregivers for medical use.

MTCs may deliver marijuana and marijuana products directly to patients and caregivers after receiving Commission approval.

Marijuana Cultivator A Marijuana Cultivator may cultivate, process, and package marijuana, to transfer marijuana to other MEs, but not to consumers. Cultivators must select what tier they will be in by determining the total canopy they will cultivate. Canopy is an area calculated in square feet and measured using clearly identifiable boundaries of all areas(s) that will contain mature plants at any point in time.

Craft Marijuana Cooperative A Craft Marijuana Cooperative is a type of Marijuana Cultivator which may cultivate, obtain, manufacture, process, package, and brand marijuana and marijuana products to transport marijuana to MEs, but not to consumers.

Marijuana Product Manufacturer A Marijuana Product Manufacturer is an entity authorized to obtain, manufacture, process, and package marijuana and marijuana products, to transport marijuana and marijuana products to MEs, and to transfer marijuana and marijuana products to other MEs, but not to consumers.

Marijuana Retailer A Marijuana Retailer is an entity authorized to purchase and transport marijuana and marijuana products from other MEs, and to sell or otherwise transfer marijuana and marijuana products to other MEs and to consumers.

A Marijuana Retailer provides a retail location which may be accessed by consumers 21 years of age or older or, if the retailer is co-located with an MTC, by individuals who are also registered qualifying patients or personal caregivers.

Existing Licensee Transporter An ME that is otherwise licensed by the Commission and also licensed to purchase, obtain, and possess Marijuana or Marijuana Products solely for the purpose of transporting, temporary storage, sale and distribution on behalf of other MEs or MTCs to other establishments, but not to consumers.

Third-Party Transporter A Marijuana Transporter is an entity that may only transport marijuana or marijuana products and does not hold another ME license and is not licensed as an MTC. A Third-party Transporter is permitted to transport marijuana and marijuana products between MEs and between MTCs.

Marijuana Research Facility A Marijuana Research Facility is an academic institution, non-profit corporation, domestic corporation, or entity authorized to do business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A Marijuana Research Facility may cultivate, purchase, or otherwise acquire marijuana for the purpose of conducting research regarding marijuana and marijuana products. Any research involving humans must be authorized by an Institutional Review Board. A Marijuana Research Facility may not sell marijuana it has cultivated to other MTCs, MEs, or to consumers.

Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) An Independent Testing Laboratory, commonly referred to as an ITL, is an entity that does not hold any other type of ME license and is properly accredited to perform tests in compliance with the stringent requirements of the Commission’s protocols for testing marijuana and marijuana products. Licensed ITLs may test marijuana and marijuana products in the adult- and medical- use markets.

Standards Testing Laboratory A Standards Testing Laboratory is an entity that would otherwise qualify to be an Independent Testing Laboratory, but instead performs blind tests to verify the results of an Independent Testing Laboratory at the request of the Commission.

Microbusiness A Microbusiness is a co-located Tier 1 Marijuana Cultivator, and/or Marijuana Product Manufacturer limited to purchase 2,000 pounds of marijuana from other MEs in one (1) year.

Delivery-Only Licensee A Delivery-Only licensee may deliver marijuana or marijuana products directly to consumers at a residential address from a licensed Marijuana Retailer with which the Delivery-Only Licensee has a delivery agreement.

Social Consumption Establishment Social Consumption Establishment means an entity licensed to sell marijuana or marijuana products and allow consumers to consume marijuana or marijuana products solely on its premises. The application for this license will be made available only after six (6) communities have been selected to participate in the Commission’s Social Consumption Pilot Program.