Jun 2022
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Dispensary Licenses Available in Massachusetts?

Limit per city

No state imposed limit


Each company is limited to control of just three recreational or medical marijuana licenses of any type, including stores. Currently there is no specific limit on the number of licenses allowed in the state, though local jurisdictions do play a large role in allowing licenses.

In the news

Some larger companies were found to be trying to cheat the system by having ties of ownership to more than 3 cannabis businesses, and Massachusetts regulators warned they’ll crack down on any marijuana businesses that try to skirt license limits – and then look to mislead the state about ownership relationships.

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Regulatory Citations for This Article

935 CMR 500.000: Adult Use ofMarijuana

500.050: Marijuana Establishments

(1) General Requirements.

(a) A Marijuana Establishment is required to be registered to do business in the Commonwealth as a domestic business corporation or another domestic business entity in compliance with 935 CMR 500.000 and to maintain the corporation or entity in good standing with the Secretary of the Commonwealth, DOR, and DUA.

(b) Control Limitations.

1. No Person or Entity Having Direct or Indirect Control shall be granted, or hold, more than three licenses in a particular class, except as otherwise specified in 935 CMR 500.000.