Nevada Lounge: Diversity Plan DIY


This is a ready to use Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board required Diversity Plan created specifically for applicants looking to apply for a Cannabis Consumption Lounge.

Use Cases

  • Nevada
  • Social Consumption Lounge Application


  • Section 4

Replace All

Fill out the required information found in Section 4

Suggested Customizations

  • SECTION 4 needs your attention! - This section 4 needs you to enter the diversity information about owners, officers and board members. Having a diverse team is a bonus in the Nevada lounge application process. the Cannabis Compliance Board wants to know all about the unique aspects of your team members. Fill in section 4 and include any additional information that you think will help illuminate the diverse aspects of your company's ownership and management.
  • Read the plan and make any edits that you see fit. There are some commitments to diversity and inclusion made in the plan and you should make sure that those are commitments you are comfortable with making and implementing in operations should you receive and cannabis consumption lounge license.