Jun 2022
3 min

Available Dispensary Licenses in Ohio?


No new licenses available


Ohio limited the number of dispensary licenses to 131 with 58 active licenses resulting from the 2017 application window and 73 licenses resulting from the 2021 application window.  When the next licensing phase will occur is to be decided by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy when they deem that the demand for marijuana requires additional dispensaries in the state.  For now, the limit stands.

Why is this important to know?

It's important to know if there is a limit on the number of dispensaries in any state you desire to obtain a dispensary to know whether or not there is opportunity for you to enter that state's cannabis market. Whether or not there is a limit impacts whether or not there is opportunity for you to enter Ohio's cannabis market. In Ohio you'll have to keep up with The Ohio Board of Pharmacy and the Medical Marijuana Control Program to see if and when they issue a request for more applicants.

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Regulatory Citations for This Article

Ohio Revised Code Rule 3796:6-2-04

(A) The board may award provisional dispensary licenses via competitive scoring, a drawing, or a combination of competitive scoring and drawing, as determined by the board, and described in a request for applications issued by the board pursuant to rule 3796:6-2-01 of the Administrative Code.

(B) Provisional dispensary licenses shall only be awarded after final approval by the board, which shall include an evaluation of the application and the applicant for the following:

(1) Compliance with Chapter 3796. of the Revised Code and the rules adopted thereunder;

(2) Compliance with the relevant request for applications issued by the board; and

(3) All license limitations, set forth in paragraph (C)(1) of this rule or otherwise specified by the board.