Jun 2022
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Maine Dispensary Application Fee



Dispensary application fee = $250


Why is it important?

It's important to know the application fees for a dispensary inMaine so that you can submit the application with the correct fee, and so youcan include the application fee in your financial plan and budgeting.  

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Recreational:  Office of Marijuana Policy

Section 13 - Fee Schedule

13.1 - Payment of Fees

13.1.1 Application Fees. An applicant shall pay the application fee required by theDepartment at the time that the applicant submits an application for licensure to the Department for processing.


13.1.2 License Fees. Before issuing an active license, the Department shall invoice the conditional licensee for the applicable fee as determined by the Department pursuant to Title 28-B and this Rule. The Department shall not accept any license fees except pursuant to such invoice.

13.2 - Return of Fees Prohibited

Pursuant to 28-B MRS§207(5), the Department may not return to an applicant or licensee or reimburse an applicant or licensee for any portion of an application or license fee paid by the applicant or licensee, regardless of whether the applicant withdraws its application prior to a final decision of the Department on the application, the licensee voluntarily terminates its license pursuant to 28-B MRS and this Rule or the Department suspends or revokes the licensee’s license in accordance with the provisions of 28-B MRSand this Rule.


13.7 - Other Marijuana Establishment Application and License Fees


License Type                                                                Application Fee                      License Fee


Products Manufacturing Facility                          $250.00                              $2,500.00


Marijuana Store                                                     $250.00                                $2,500.00


Testing Facility                                                      $250.00                                  $1,000.00


Sample Collector                                                     $100.00                                 $250.00


13.8 - Other Marijuana Establishment Fees


Fee Type                                                                              Application Fee


Transfer of Ownership                                                               $250.00


Relocation                                                                                    $250.00


13.9 - Annual Renewal and Late Renewal Application and LicenseFees

All renewal application and license fees shall be due annually in the amounts listed above in Section 13 of this Rule and submitted in accordance with Section 13.1 of this Rule, except that the Department may require payment of $2,500.00 in addition to the relevant application fee for renewal applications received less than 30 days prior to the date of expiration of the license. The Department may not accept an application for renewal of a license after the date of expiration of that license.