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How to Start a Dispensary in Oklahoma

Don't get lost in the crowd. One of the most important aspects of opening a cannabis business in Oklahoma is that, unlike other markets, there is no limit on how many licenses can be issued by the state. Theoretically this makes it easier to open your own business but creates a much larger field of potential competition. Combined with the fact that 75% of your ownership team has to be Oklahoma residents, Oklahoma may be the most difficult market to break into, but if you are successful no one will ever forget you. We've put together this complete guide of how to apply for a dispensary license in Oklahoma, including plans for operating once you get your license!

In this article you'll find

  • Core info
  • Residency Requirements
  • Forms and Registrations
  • List of Required Ownership Information
  • Documentation Required
  • Sheets Needed for the Oklahoma Dispensary Application
  • Sheets Needed for Operating an Oklahoma Dispensary

Core info

Residency Requirement

Oklahoma requires that cannabis businesses have ownership teams that are at least 75% Oklahoma resident who have proof of residency for at least 2 years. Proof of Oklahoma residency can be established by providing a digital, color copy of one or more of the following documents:

  • Oklahoma driver’s license (front)
  • Oklahoma identification card (front)
  • Utility bills, excluding cellular telephone and internet bills
  • A residential property deed to property in the State of Oklahoma
  • A current rental agreement for residential property located in the State of Oklahoma
  • Other documentation deemed sufficient by OMMA

Forms and Registrations Required

These forms and registrations will be required for a complete dispensary application.  The electronic application will provide an opportunity to upload these completed items. Some of these items may take some time to submit and to get approved so starting as soon as possible is recommended :)

Provide This General Information

In the state's interactive application, you'll choose either a New Business or an Existing Business tab for your basic information. You'll be required to provide some basic information about your business, so the state knows what entity is applying, what type of license you're applying for, and how to contact you.

  • Individual owner name or primary entity name for the commercial establishment
  • Type of license you want (Dispensary)
  • Trade name of the business – name of the commercial establishment
  • Phone number, fax number, and/or website
  • Business structure type: Sole Proprietor (Individual Owner) / Limited Liability Company (LLC) / Corporation (Inc. or Corp.) / Limited Partnerships / Limited Liability Partnerships / etc.
  • Office/operating hours (optional): Anticipated office or operation hours for the commercial establishment
  • Primary point of contact (PPOC) information

Submit This Information for Each Owner

Ownership is an important part of the application process. We understand that this information may feel invasive, but it's important for the state to ensure that cannabis businesses are owned and operated by people of good moral and legal standing. The application itself will ask you to fill in the information.

  • Name – first, middle, last and suffix
  • Phone number and email
  • Type of ID Document being uploaded – OK Driver’s License / OK State ID / Passport / Tribal ID
  • ID number & ID expiration date
  • Date of birth
  • Entity or Entities in which this person has affiliation
  • Direct and indirect ownership shares by entity or entities defined above
  • Relationship to licensee, i.e. member, manager, board member, or owner. For relationships in sub- entities with an ownership interest in the applicant please list "owner"
  • Residence address (Street Address, Apt#, City, State, Zip)
  • Mailing address if different (Street Address, Apt#, City, State, Zip)

Upload These Documents

Make sure that your Oklahoma dispensary application is complete by collecting the documents you will need to upload during the application submission process. While this part of the process may be arduous, it is absolutely necessary. Here's a list of the documents that you will need to upload during your application process.

  • Ownership documentation: bylaws, articles of organization, operating agreements, limited partnership agreements, or equivalent documents related to ownership.
  • Ownership list (Excel format)
  • Map proving the dispensary location is more than 1,000 feet from the entrance of any public or private school.

Sheets Needed for The Dispensary Application

The actual application doesn't require many plans or procedures, except that it requires you to assert that you will have a security plan in place.  So, we've got you covered on that with the Security Plan and it's specific DIY guide to help you customize the plan for your business and for Oklahoma Regulations!

Security Plan

Based on the required attestation on the application

I understand that I am responsible for implementing appropriate security measures to deter and prevent the unauthorized entrance into areas containing medical marijuana and/or medical marijuana products and to prevent the theft and diversion of marijuana on all licensed premises and vehicles used for transportation of medical marijuana and/or medical marijuana product.

Use the following security regulations along with the Primary DIY Guide and the sheet specific DIY Guide to customize your Security Plan:

  • 310:681-3-2.(e) Requirements for transportation of marijuana
  • 310:681-9-6: Security Requirements

Sheets Needed for Operating Your Dispensary

Once licensed in Oklahoma you will need operational documents to run a good dispensary.  These sheets along with the regulatory sections listed underneath each one will help you design operational excellence. Further, these sheets will keep you in line with operational regulations and help your business stay in good standing with the state. Place each of these sheets in your cart at, check out, and use the Primary DIY Guide and each sheet's specififc DIY Guide to customize the sheets using the regulatory sections listed under each sheet name below. While we did our best to dissect the regulation and piece out the sections most relevat to each sheet, you may find additional information in the rules that apply to the sheets. If so,  integrate that info to bolster your sheets even further!

Inventory Management Plan

  • 310:681-1-4.(Definition of "inventory tracking system"): Definitions
  • 310:681-3-6. Inventory manifests
  • 310:681-9-7 (b): Audits and inventory

Recall Quarantine and Waste Destruction

  • 310:681-1-4.(Definition of "dispose or disposal"): Definitions
  • 310:681-1-4.(Definition of "medical marijuana waste"): Definitions
  • 310:681-1-4.(Definition of "waste disposal facility"): Definitions
  • 310:681-5-6.(a)(1)(C) Inventory tracking, records, reports, and audits
  • 310:681-5-6.(b) Inventory tracking, records, reports, and audits
  • 310:681-5-10. Medical marijuana waste disposal
  • 310:681-7-1 (b) Nonacceptance or return
  • 310:681-9-6(d): Security Requirements
  • 310:681-9-9. Waste disposal
  • Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Waste Management Act

Staffing and Training

  • 310:681-3-3.(a) Transporter agent license
  • 310:681-3-3.(c) Transporter agent license
  • 310:681-5-6.(b)(2) Inventory tracking, records, reports, and audits
  • 310:681-5-18.(b) Prohibited acts

Record Keeping Plan

  • 310:681-3-2.(c) Requirements for transportation of marijuana
  • 310:681-3-6.(f) Inventory manifests
  • 310:681-5-1.1.(7) Responsibilities of the license holder
  • 310:681-5-4.(g) Inspections
  • 310:681-5-6.(a)(1) Inventory tracking, records, reports, and audits
  • 310:681-5-6.(b)(1) Inventory tracking, records, reports, and audits
  • 310:681-5-6.(b)(3) Inventory tracking, records, reports, and audits
  • 310:681-5-6.(b)(5) Inventory tracking, records, reports, and audits
  • 310:681-5-6.(c) Inventory tracking, records, reports, and audits
  • 310:681-7-1 (b) Nonacceptance or return
  • 310:681-8-1.(h)(3) Testing standards and thresholds
  • 310:681-8-1.(h)(4) Testing standards and thresholds

Age Verification Plan

  • 310:681-1-4.(Definition of "minor"): Definitions

Labor and Employment Plan

  • 310:681-5-18.(b) Prohibited acts

Verifying and Testing Products Plan

  • 310:681-8-1.(h)(3) Testing standards and thresholds
  • 310:681-8-1.(h)(4) Testing standards and thresholds

Signage and Advertising Plan

  • 310:681-5-18.(e) Prohibited acts
  • 310:681-5-18.(f) Prohibited acts
  • 310:681-7-3. Advertising

Job Descriptions

Employee Handbook

Important Contact Information

There are a few people you'll definitely need to work with to get your license application submitted so you can get your store up and running ASAP.  We've put together a list of some of the most important contacts for you below so you can save time.


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