Jun 2022
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Oklahoma Cannabis Sales Tax



The sales tax on cannabis and cannabis products in Oklahoma is 7%

Why this is important

Knowing the tax rate allows dispensary owners to plan financially. The tax rate can impact what the best pricing is for products and can also impact financial projections.  Fortunately, Oklahoma's sales tax rate at the retail marijuana store level is not as high as many other states.

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Regulatory Citations for This Article

310:681-5-7. Tax on retail medical marijuana sales

(a) The tax on retail medical marijuana sales by a dispensary is established at seven percent (7%) of the gross dollar amount received by the dispensary for the sale of any medical marijuana or medical marijuana product. This tax will be collected by the dispensary from the customer who must be a licensed medical marijuana patient or caregiver.

(b) A dispensary shall either hold or obtain an Oklahoma sales tax permit from the Oklahoma Tax Commission in compliance with OAC 710:65- 19-216.

(c) Reports and payments on gross sales, tax collected, and tax due shall be remitted to the Oklahoma Tax Commission by every dispensary on a monthly basis. No additional reporting regarding gross sales, tax collected, and tax due shall be made to the Department.

(d) Dispensary reporting and remittance shall be made to the Oklahoma Tax Commission on a monthly basis. Reports and remittances are due to the Oklahoma Tax Commission no later than the 20th day of the month following the month for which the report and remittances are made.

(e) All dispensaries required to report and remit medical marijuana tax shall remit the tax and file their monthly tax report in accordance with the manner prescribed by the Tax Commission.

(f) The report shall contain the following information:

    (1) Dispensary name, address, telephone number and dispensary license number;
    (2) Reporting month and year;
    (3) Total gross receipts for the preceding month from sales of medical marijuana or any medical marijuana product;

    (4) The amount of tax due as described in (a) of this Section; and
    (5) Such other reasonable information as the Tax Commission may require.

(g) If a due date for the tax reporting and remittance falls on a Saturday, Sunday, a holiday, or dates when the Federal Reserve Banks are closed, such due date shall be considered to be the next business date.

(h) Pursuant to 63 O.S. § 426, proceeds from the sales tax levied shall first be distributed to the Oklahoma State Department of Health for the annual budgeted amount for administration of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Program. All distributions will be made monthly to the Department until full reimbursement is reached for the annual budgeted cost of the program. If tax levies are not sufficient to reimburse the Department for the full annual budgeted cost, then all tax levies collected during the fiscal shall be remitted to the Department.