Jun 2022
3 min

Alaska Cannabis Purchase Limit


Varies by product type


The maximum amount of cannabis a retail marijuana store can sell to a person in a single day:

  • 1 ounce per day of cannabis flower
  • 7 grams of cannabis concentrate
  • Total of 5,600mg of THC

Why is it important?

Every state has different cannabis purchase limitations.  Sometimes the limit is per day, sometimes during a set period of time, and sometimes it is per transaction. Knowing the purchase limit helps you operate compliantly once licensed for a dispensary and helps with financial planning for your daily dispensary sales. Alaska's purchase limitation is on a per day basis.  The amount sold would have to be tracked in the state tracking system. Alaska a uses BioTrac THC by Franwell.

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Regulatory Citations for This Article

3 AAC 306.355. Limit on quantity sold

(a) A retail marijuana store may not sell to any one person per day
(1) more than one ounce of usable marijuana;
(2) more than seven grams of marijuana concentrate for inhalation, or
(3) marijuana or marijuana products if the total amount of marijuana, marijuana products, or both marijuana and marijuana products sold contains more than 5,600 milligrams of THC.

(b) These limits include marijuana or marijuana product sold for onsite consumption under 3 AAC 306.370(a)(2). (Eff. 2/21/2016, Register 217; am 4/11/2019, Register 230)