Jun 2022
3 min

Alaska Cannabis Sales Tax


Depending on local sales tax


The tax on cannabis for the consumer in Alaska is equivalent to the normal sales tax rate.  The only additional tax on marijuana in Alaska is an excise tax which is imposed on the cultivators.

  • The Alaska (AK) statewide sales tax rate is currently 0%.
  • Individual municipalities have wide authority to set their own taxation rates, and sales tax can be as high as 7.5%.

Why is this important?

Knowing the tax rate allows dispensary owners to plan financially. The tax rate can impact what the best pricing is for products and can also impact financial projections.  Fortunately, Alaska's sales tax rate at the retail marijuana store level is not as exorbitant as many other states.

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Regulatory Citations for This Article

3 AAC 306.480. Marijuana tax to be paid

A marijuana cultivation facility, including a standard marijuana cultivation facility and a limited marijuana cultivation facility, shall submit monthly reports to the Department of Revenue and pay the excise tax required under AS 43.61.010 and 43.61.020 on all marijuana sold or provided as a sample to a marijuana establishment. (Eff. 2/21/2016, Register 217)