Jun 2022
3 min

Nevada Dispensary Application Opportunities



As of not there is no set date for Nevada to accept applications for dispensary licenses.

However, per the regulations, the Department of Taxation will decide on a yearly basis whether there are enough dispensaries in Nevada.  If they decide there are not enough dispensaries, they may decide to request that businesses apply for licenses.

Why is it important?

Each state has its own time frames for accepting dispensary licensing.  Some are always receiving applications and others have specific time windows for applications. If there is a specific time window you want to make sure to prepare your application in time, so you don't miss the deadline! Since Nevada has yet to announce an application timeframe, and since the state has one of the most competitive licensing processes in the nation, you would be well advised to start preparing your application well ahead of time!

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Regulatory Citations for This Article

NAC 453D.260  Request for applications to operate establishment: Notice by Department; required provisions; time period for submission of applications. (NRS 453D.200)

    1.  At least once each year, the Department will determine whether a sufficient number of marijuana establishments exist to serve the people of this State and, if the Department determines that additional marijuana establishments are necessary, the Department will issue a request for applications to operate a marijuana establishment. The Department will provide notice of a request for applications to operate a marijuana establishment by:

    (a) Posting on the Internet website of the Department that the Department is requesting applicants to submit applications;

    (b) Posting a copy of the request for applications at the principal office of the Department, at the Legislative Building and at not less than three other separate, prominent places within this State; and

    (c) Making notification of the posting locations using the electronic mailing list maintained by the Department for marijuana establishment information.

    2.  When the Department issues a request for applications pursuant to this section, the Department will include in the request the point values that will be allocated to each applicable portion of the application.

    3.  The Department will accept applications in response to a request for applications issued pursuant to this section for 10 business days beginning on the date which is 45 business days after the date on which the Department issued the request for applications.

    4.  If the Department receives an application in response to a request for applications issued pursuant to this section on a date other than the dates set forth in subsection 3, the Department will not consider the application and must return the application to the entity that submitted the application.

    (Added to NAC by Dep’t of Taxation by R092-17, eff. 2-27-2018)