Jun 2022
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Oregon Cannabis Regulations


Oregon Liquor and Control Commission

Chapter 845 - Division 25 - RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA


ORS 475B Cannabis Regulation

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act begins at 475B.785

Debilitating Medical Conditions, see ORS 475B.791

Database and Confidentiality of Information, see ORS 475B.879 -475B.888

Protections from Civil and Criminal Liability, see ORS 475B.907 - 475B.910


Oregon Administrative Rules

OAR 333-007: Marijuana Labeling, ConcentrationLimits and Testing

Table 1: Retail Marijuana Item Concentration Limits (pdf)

Table 2: Medical Marijuana Item Concentration Limits (pdf)

333-007-0400-0410 Exhibit A, Tables 3, 4 (pdf)

333-007-0360 Exhibit B, Tables 5, 6, and 7 (pdf)

OAR 333-008: Medical Marijuana 

Division 8 updates effective January 1, 2020

OAR 333-064: Accreditation of Laboratories

Why it's important to know the regulations

When applying for a cannabis business license in Oregon it's important to know the regulations so that your standard operating procedures follow all state regulations and so that you can properly cite your standard operating procedures with the applicable Oregon cannabis regulations.  Additionally, being familiar with the rules of Oregon will ensure that you operate a compliant cannabis business, once licensed.

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