General: Employee Handbook DIY Guide


The Employment Handbook is for onboarding new employees once you have decided to officially hire them on to the team.The Employee Handbook can be a valuable communication resource for both the employer and the employee. It provides guidance and information related to the organization's history, mission, values, policies, procedures, and benefits in a written format.

Use Cases

This sheet can be used for all cannabis business types.

1. Operators can use this form when onboarding and training new employees.

2. Applicants can add this to their employee handbook or the Labor Practices Plan if the application requires you to submit these items with the application and if the page limit set by the application allows for the addition of this form.


This document will not likely need any regulatory citations, so this keyword section is not needed.  If you want to search for rules pertaining to this agreement so you can add wording to the document that is specific to the regulations, look for words such as:

  • law

Replace All

Search for each of the bolded terms in the Employee Non-compete Agreement sheet, including the brackets. Do a "replace all" and insert the pertinent information needed to replace the term.  The description underneath each bolded term below tells you what information should replace the bolded term. For instance, you would use the search feature in your document editing software to look for [Company *1] and then using the replace all feature, replace [Company *1] with your company name.

Search for each of these terms in the Employee Handbook sheet, including the brackets.  When you search for each bracketed term, then "replace all" with the description of the term located underneath each term below.

[Company *1]

Replace with the company name.

[Department *1]

Insert the term that's used to refer to the regulatory authority when not writing out its entire title.  This could be Department, Division, Office, Board, etc. Or it could be an abbreviation of the regulatory authority's name.

[Position *1]

Replace with the employee's job title

[State *1]

Replace with the name of the state in which the employee is employed.

[Regulatory Authority*1]

Replace with the name of the agency/office/department/division/board that regulates marijuana business in the state.

[Supervisor *1]

Replace with the name of the supervisor that the employee should contact if they have any questions about their termination.

[Issuer Name *1]

Replace with the name of the manager or HR director issuing the notice of termination.

[Issuer Position *1]

Replace with the position title of the individual who is issuing the reprimand.

Suggested Customizations

We suggest that you read through the sheet and make any additional edits or additions that you see fit.  Here are some suggestions to get you started. This document includes words written in bold green lettering.  These places should be customized in the following ways:

40 hours in a week

In some states the number of hours that constitute "full time" may only be 35.  If this is the case in your state, change the "40" to "35"


List the benefits that the employee will receive


List all holidays that the business observes and therefore does not require employees to work.

[X]% discount

Insert the percentage of the employee discount

[performance of the functions of your position and/or unacceptable conduct].

Replace with one of these:

  • performance of the functions of your position or unacceptable conduct
  • performance of the functions of your position and unacceptable conduct
  • performance of the functions of your position
  • unacceptable conduct

List of issues

List SPECIFIC reasons for written warning ‐‐ employee must be informed, with reasonable certainty and precision, of the cause of the action. Be sure to give examples of deficiencies i.e., who, what, when, where, and how. Provide specific details including dates of previous disciplinary actions, unacceptable performance and/or conduct, management intervention, and the consequences to the company/public.


List consequences of the employee's actions

______ training sessions

In the blank, insert the number of training sessions that the employee has received.

start date

Write the date that the employee's 30-day period during which they will have the opportunity to correct their deficient performance or conduct begins.

end date

Write the date that the employee's 30-day period during which they will have the opportunity to correct their deficient performance or conduct ends.


Provide detailed expectations regarding behavior and direct employee to attend relevant training. The employee should know with certainty what he or she must do to meet expectations.


You likely will not need to rename this document, except if you add it to the employee handbook in which case the agreement would then be found within the Employee Handbook.