Dispensary: Security Agent Onboarding DIY Guide


The Security Agent Onboarding is everything you need to onboard a new security agent and to provide them with an overview of their position.  When used for applications, this is best used in the hiring and training plan, either in its entirety, or pieces of it.

Use Cases

Operators can use this as a working operational document which gets updated periodically as policies and procedures change.

License applicants can use this plan in its entirety in applications when the application requires a section or exhibit solely addressing staffing and training.  


Search for each of these terms in the regulations. You're looking for pieces of each regulation that pertain to staffing, training, onboarding, and security. Refer to the General Sheet Editing DIY Guide for guidance on what to do with these key words.

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Staff
  • Benefits
  • Employee
  • Security agent
  • Guard
  • Security personnel

Replace All

Search for each of the bolded terms in the Security Agent Onboarding sheet, including the brackets. Do a "replace all" and insert the pertinent information needed to replace the term.  The description underneath each bolded term below tells you what information should replace the bolded term. For instance, you would use the search feature in your document editing software to look for [Company *1] and then using the replace all feature, replace [Company *1] with your company name.

[Company *1]

Replace with the name of the company.

[State *1]

Replace with the name of the state in which your business operates

Suggested Customizations

We suggest that you read through the sheet and make any additional edits or additions that you see fit. Here are some suggestions to get you started. Search for the following items within the onboarding (they're in green lettering) and make the suggested changes. 

Search for the role title listed below.  You will find the term multiple times. In each instance, keep it in place if it matches your procedures, or change it if you'll have another role fulfill the duties described.

  • General Manager
    [Note: If replacing this title anywhere in the document some roles that may be assigned the duties instead include: Manager, Assistant Manager, Supervisor, Security Officer, Human Resources, insert other if applicable.]


When you save the document, if using it for an application, make sure to title the document in the specific way that the application requires. If not using for an application, keep the document title as is, or change it to whatever you desire.