Dispensary: Recall, Quarantine, and Destruction Plan DIY Guide


The Recall, Quarantine and Waste Destruction Plan describes in detail how a dispensary will track product that is meant for waste, recall or withdraw. The plan includes detailed description of the identification methods, tracking measures, communication chain, practices, and responsibilities of the Quality Control Unit.

Use Cases

Operators can use this plan to train their employees on recall, withdraw, quarantine, and waste destruction and disposal policies and procedures.

Operators can use the plan as an internal working document that changes as policies and procedures change.

License applicants can sue this plan as the Recall and Withdraw section or exhibit of the application if the application has such a section or exhibit.

License applicants can use this plan as an addition to the operations plan, security plan, or inventory control plan as long as the addition of this information does not exceed a page limit for each of those plans set by the application.


Search for each of these terms in the regulations. You're looking for pieces of each regulation that pertain to regulations pertaining to waste destruction, disposal, quarantine, recall, withdraw, and quality control. Refer to the General Sheet Editing DIY Guide for guidance on what to do with these key words.

  • Quarantine
  • Destruction
  • Recall
  • Withdraw
  • Expired
  • Damaged
  • Waste
  • Disposal
  • Quality Control
  • Unusable
  • Storage
  • Record keeping
  • Any other words you think of that pertain to recall, withdraw, quarantine and destruction measures.

Replace All

Search for each of the bolded terms in the Recall, Quarantine, and Destruction Plan sheet, including the brackets. Do a "replace all" and insert the pertinent information needed to replace the term.  The description underneath each bolded term below tells you what information should replace the bolded term. For instance, you would use the search feature in your document editing software to look for [Company *1] and then using the replace all feature, replace [Company *1] with your company name.

[Company *1]

Replace with the name of the company.

[Regulatory Authority *1]

Replace with the name of the State cannabis regulatory authority (usually a department name or a board name).

[Point of Sale *1]

Replace with the name of the Point-of-Sale System (POS) that is used or will be used by the dispensary.

[Compliance Director *1]

Replace with the role title of the person responsible for overseeing the quality control unit and all product issues.

[State Regulation *1]

Replace with the title of the primary state cannabis regulation.

[Role Title *1]

Your state may have a specific name for the type of employee that must be in charge of this level of action.  Some common terms include Key Employee and Agent in charge.  If your state uses a specific term, utilize that tern instead of Manager on Duty throughout this document.

[Other Departments *1]

Your state may have other required departments to notify in this kind of situation.  If so, list those department names here.

Suggested Customizations

We suggest that you read through the sheet and make any additional edits or additions that you see fit.  Here are some suggestions to get you started. The following can be found in green lettering throughout the Recall, Quarantine and Destruction Plan sheet.

Your state may have a specific set of authorities that must be contacted in the case of a product defect.  List those entities in this sentence:

  • any other pertinent authorities

Your state may have specific wording that they require to be placed on quarantined products.  If so, place that wording in place of this:


Your state may have specific wording, font size, font style and font color requirements for labeling quarantined products.  If so, place those specifications in this sentence in the document:

  • QUARANTINE: DO NOT DISTRIBUTE” written in typed, minimum 20pt legible font, in red letters.

Your state may specify other waste disposal methods.  If so, insert those requirements in the document in place of this:

  • i. When the dispensary renders marijuana unusable: unless another method approved by …… grinding and incorporating the waste with:
  • a.For disposal as compost or using another organic method, …..
  • b.For disposal in a landfill or other method not described in ……


Remember to rename the plan to match the name that the application uses (ex: the application may require a "Recall and Withdraw" plan, in which case you would change the name of the plan to Recall and Withdraw using whatever document naming convention required by the application).