Dispensary: Operations Plan DIY Guide


The Dispensary Operations Plan is a brief overview of the operations of the entire dispensary.  It essentially summarizes each aspect of operations.  

Use Cases

Operators can use this as a working operational document which gets updated periodically as policies and procedures change.

License applicants can use this plan in its entirety in applications when the application requires a section or exhibit solely addressing an operations plan.  

If the application does not have a page limit for the operations plan, we suggest adding some of the other plans to the operations plan to elaborate on the topics covered in the operations plan.  


Search for each of these terms in the regulations. You're looking for pieces of each regulation that pertain to regulations pertaining to day-to-day operations. Refer to the General Sheet Editing DIY Guide for guidance on what to do with these key words.

  • Agent
  • Registration
  • Operations
  • Closing
  • Opening
  • Daily
  • Sales
  • Cash handling
  • Hygiene
  • Waste
  • Destruction
  • Security
  • Logs
  • Record keeping
  • Any other words you believe relate to daily operations (if any)

Replace All

Search for each of the bolded terms in the Operations Plan sheet, including the brackets. Do a "replace all" and insert the pertinent information needed to replace the term.  The description underneath each bolded term below tells you what information should replace the bolded term. For instance, you would use the search feature in your document editing software to look for [Company *1] and then using the replace all feature, replace [Company *1] with your company name.

[Company *1]

Replace with the name of the company.

[Wage per *1]

Replace with the minimum rate an employee of the dispensary will be paid per hour or per year.

Suggested Customizations

We suggest that you read through the sheet and make any additional edits or additions that you see fit. Here are some suggestions to get you started. The following item is in the operations plan in green lettering.

Insert your operating hours.  Note that some state regulations only allow dispensaries to be open during certain hours.  Check your state's regulations.

  • 7:00am to 10:00pm, 7 days per week.  


When you save the document, if using it for an application, make sure to title the document in the specific way that the application requires. If not using for an application, keep the document title as is, or change it to whatever you desire.