Frequently Asked Questions

Does Leafsheets provide legal advice?

Leafsheets does not provide legal advice as we are not a law firm and do not employ attorneys. While e provide proven, researched, and legitimate products and information - information and products on should not be considered as legal advice.

Are there any sheets that already include my state's regulations?

Not yet. But they're on the way. This stuff takes time, and we want to make sure we do a good job. You can also contact us directly and inquire about state-specific customization service.

What if I have more questions about the rest of the application?

Sign up for a monthly membership and you'll have access to our Q&A sessions and webinars. There's no required commitment, so you can be part of the monthly membership for as long as you feel you need it, and can cancel as soon as you don't feel like you need us anymore.

Why do you suggest that I have a lawyer review my documents when I'm done editing? Shouldn't the sheets be good to go once they're done?

Yes, the sheets should be good to go once you edit them. However, we are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. Because you're dealing with regulations and with a government body, we want to make sure that you at least consider having an attorney look everything over. But, an attorney is not required.

Do I still have a good chance of winning a license if I don't do the editing?

In our opinion, probably not. State regulators like to see that your company knows the regulations that are specific to the state in which you are applying. Additionally, there will be some things in the sheet that may not apply to your state at all, or things that need to be added. If we had to estimate, we would say these sheets get you 80% of the way there. Doing the work to add the final 20% is what will really make your application shine.

What if my state doesn't have limited licensing? Are these still useful?

Yes! Even when a state doesn't have a limited licensing process, they often still want to see that you have all plans in place for your business before they give you a license. Additionally, investors like to see that there's a plan in place and having plans in place is key for successfully operating your stores once you're licensed!

Are sheets only useful for license applications?

Nope! These sheets can also be used for actual operations because they include processes and procedures that real cannabis companies use on the daily. 

How do I know which sheets I need?

Well, we of course believe that you're best off getting all of the sheets. However, the simplest way to see what you need is by reading the list of requirements that your state has for license application and for operations and purchasing the corresponding sheets.

How much time will it take me to edit my sheets?

It depends on which sheets you purchased, how many sheets you purchased and your level of familiarity with the editing process. If you buy all of the sheets, we'd recommend setting aside at least 50 to 200 hours (a person can do it all solo, but it will go faster if you have multiple team members each working on a different section of the application). Some customers will buy the sheets they need and them hand them to their lawyer for customization. You can also reach out to us at to inquire about state-specific customization service.

How did you come up with the time saved number?

The information and structure of these documents took hours of research, writing, proof reading, editing and review by consultants and lawyers. So, while a single page may not look all that complex, each page is the result of a lot of time and effort, and because we put in that time and effort, you don't have to!

If consultants can get paid so much for this type of content, why are you selling it at such a decreased price?

We want entrepreneurs with good ideas and big dreams to have a shot at entering the cannabis industry. The industry needs diversity and innovation, and we believe the way to make that happen is to provide the resources people need to have a fighting chance at success, without it costing as much as a new car or house. 

Can you guarantee that my application will win a license if I use leafsheets?

No. Just as consultants or lawyers cannot guarantee a license (no matter how much you pay them), we cannot either. We can say that the quality of your application will be increased significantly in comparison to what applicants usually put together when they attempt to write an entire application on their own. We can say that the quality of your application will be significantly better than if you used other templates (trust us, we've had people come to us to help them fix their applications when they've used other templates!)

How did you come up with the "money saved" amount?

There are high end consultants who charge $100,000 to $300,00, for an application and there are lower end consultants who charge $20,000 to $35,000 for an application. We based "money saved" on a mid-level consultant who we figure charges $50,000. So, the money saved number is wildly underestimated if you compare our cost, to what it would cost to have a top-of-the-line consultant.